Sourcing reliable models can be a difficult task for any photographer.

At Parklands Studio, we’ve tried to make things as easy as possible however, by recruiting a group of models who wish to be associated with the studio and who will never let you down.

This group includes: 

  • Those models who work for pay only;
  • Those models who are happy to collaborate in exchange for high-resolution, unwatermarked images; and
  • Those models who work for pay, or who may (at their own discretion) also work for part payment plus images with specific photographers, or in collaboration.

For those models working to adult levels, the rate stated is for their ‘adult rate‘ – the model may charge a lower fee when shooting to lower levels.

For those models listed as working to nude levels but with ‘higher levels on request‘, an additional fee is required when working to these higher levels.

And in all cases, the rate includes the cost of hiring Parklands Studio too!

To back up this commitment, if any model from this group fails to show up for a photoshoot booked at Parklands Studio, we will compensate the photographer with free studio time for the hours that had been originally booked.