Organising A Tour

For freelance models, organising a tour and accommodation at Parklands Studio is very easy and straight-forward.

Step One: The Contact Form

Initially models need to fill out the contact form below. 

The contact form requests some basic information, such as contact information, levels, rate and a link to an online portfolio.

In addition, applying models are required to specify two tour dates, approximately 3-4 months apart. Having two tour dates on the calendar has been found to be far more effective and productive.

It should be noted that Parklands Studio also operates a deposit system in respect of all touring models, and that a tour will only be confirmed once a £20 deposit for every scheduled day of shooting is paid. By example, if a model wishes to utilise Parklands Studio for a 3 day tour, a £60 deposit is required before confirmation. On attendance, this deposit is set aside to cover all accommodation costs. Any cancellation of a tour, or lack of attendance, results in loss of the deposit.

Step Two: Confirmation

On completing the contact form, applying models will receive an email outlining whether their application has been successful in respect of the requested tour dates.  If so, the email will request payment of the deposit (via bank transfer) as well as a selection of images that can be used to advertise the tour.

Once the deposit has been transferred, and the images provided, a confirmation email from Parklands Studio will be sent alongside a selection of flyers to use for advertising purposes.

Step Three: Advertising & Promotion

A tours success is always dependent on both the studio and model actively promoting and advertising the tour. 

Parklands Studio will advertise every tour through its social media channels, its website and its newsletter. 

Similarly, touring models are expected to:

  • Promote the tour regularly on social media;
  • Advertise on freelance networking websites; and
  • Make direct contact with photographers in the area who have expressed an interest in working with them.

When publicising a tour online, models should always use the relevant Parklands Studio social media handle. 

Step FOUR: Bookings

When a tour booking is confirmed with a photographer through Parklands Studio, the touring model will be informed immediately.

They will be told the name of the photographer, specific contact information, and the time slot arranged. It is then expected that the touring model will make contact with the photographer to arrange any specific shoot details.

Please note that, unlike other studios, models are able to shoot from first light until late into the night. As such, there are no ‘set hours’ during a tour.

If a touring model receives a booking enquiry, the model is required to provide the name, address, email and contact number of the photographer, as well as the time slot requested. The booking will then be confirmed with the photographer by email.

Step Five: The Tour

A touring model is responsible for all aspects of their stay, with tours at Parklands Studio designed to be totally self-sufficient and extremely comfortable.

If travelling by train, a pick up service from either Hinckley Station or Rugby Station is available with prior arrangement. If travelling by car, Parklands Studio has a large and secure ‘visitors car park’.

Accommodation is in the form of an open-plan apartment, located directly above the studio. The apartment, which may also be used during bookings, includes a kitchen and bathroom, and models will be required to cook and clean for themselves.  During any tour, arrangements can be made to visit one of the many supermarkets in the area. 

With respect to all scheduled bookings, models are expected to ‘meet and greet’ the photographer, provide them with a tour if they have not visited the site before, and coordinate all aspects of the shoot itself, including the collection of all monies due.   

During any downtime, touring models are free to relax onsite, use any of the amenities in the apartment, or venture in the surrounding area. 

Step SIX: Completion

Once a tour is completed and all bookings have been undertaken, the studio and accommodation should be left in a presentable and acceptable state. 

All monies will be settled at this point.

As on arrival, if travelling by train, a drop off service to either Hinckley Station or Rugby Station is available with prior arrangement.