Photography Club

The Photography Club at Parklands Studio is a members only photography club, suitable for photographers of all abilities.  

The club aims to provide a friendly and supportive environment, where by photographers can develop their skills and learn new photographic techniques amongst fellow enthusiasts. 

Sessions, which typically run for 2 hours and cost £30 per person, take place on Sunday afternoons from 3pm-5pm (unless otherwise stated) and involve different models working to different genres, themes and levels on each occasion. In addition, we run a ‘catch up session’ on Friday afternoons from 12pm-2pm for members who were unable to attend the Sunday session for whatever reason.

Tuition, guidance and advice is provided, however no session is prescriptive, and photographers are encouraged to produce imagery that is distinct to their own individual style. No acknowledgement of Parklands Studio needs to be included in the photos credits, other than if the photographer wishes to disclose the location of the shoot (which is obviously encouraged).

Any photographers interested in joining the club should contact Parklands Studio directly using the form below, and we have a private Facebook page and newsletter which aids in organising club meets, and provides a environment in which all club members can share their work without fear of abuse or negative criticism. 

Photography club members also enjoy exclusive discounts and benefits.

Join the Photography Club