The Facilties

Parklands Studio is a private photographic facility based in Hinckley, Leicestershire.

It comprises a spacious and fully-equipped studio, several outbuildings and a 13 acre location.


The large studio space at Parklands Studio has everything a photographer needs to create wonderful creative studio imagery. 

Lighting, both strobe and continuous, as well as mains and battery-powered, is provided, as well as a range of modifiers, backdrops, triggers, remotes, fixings, reflectors, stands, props and many other photographic aids. 

Photographers are welcome to bring their own lighting equipment should they so wish.


Above the studio at Parklands Studio is the flat, which acts not only as a place where models are able to stay, but also as another fantastic photographic feature.


On site at Parklands Studio is the cabin, which acts not only as an additional place where models are able to stay, but also as another fantastic photographic feature with its 4-poster bed, warm colours and traditional feel.


Parklands Studio is situated within 13 acres of privately owned land, and provides a wonderfully varied and creative opportunity for both photographers and models alike, as well as commercial clients.

The location encompases a number of diverse and distinct features, rendering it suitable for a wide range of creative projects. These features include a 3 acre lake, industrial units and machinery, a stable area, several ponds and much, much more.

Industrial AREA

On site at Parklands Studio is an industrial area that can be easily utilised for photographic purposes.

As this is a working site, models and photographers assume all responsibility for their health and safety when shooting.


In addition to the studio, location and industrial area, Parklands Studio also boasts many outbuildings, such as an apartment, a workshop, and a wooden cabin.


Photographic Kit

  • 43 x vinyl backdrops (black, white and chroma-key)
  • Multiple high-quality ‘Clip Prop’ backdrops
  • Multiple high-quality microfiber backdrops
  • Magnetic backdrop supports
  • 3 x Pixapro STORM 400 high speed flash heads (400W)
  • 3 x Pixapro LUMI400 II flash heads (400W)
  • 3 x Neewer Vision 4 battery-powered flash heads (300W)
  • 1 x Pixapro RIKO 400 HSS Ring Flash (400W)
  • 1 x Neewer Continuous Ring Light (18in, dimmable, 75W, 5500K)
  • 3 x Pixapro GLOWPAD 350D Bi-Colour continuous lights
  • Orbit600 360° rotatable turntable (load capacity 150kg)
  • Beamz ICE700 dry ice effect machine
  • Wind machine  
  • The studio also includes a soundbar, free WiFi access, free tea & coffee facilities, as well as other consumables.